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Emotion Detection

This emotion detection AI is able to detect the facial expressions of someone in a picture! It uses two AIs working together to find faces and then classify them. Why not have a look?

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Emotion Detection


Deepfakes have sparked huge controversy, but they are definitely something to be actively aware of. I took the famouse hoverboard scene from Back to the Future and deepfaked myself into it! You can even watch the updated scene!

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MuseGAN is an artificial intelligence model, which learns to generate music . I trained it on songs by The Beatles, and, in the processes, made contributions to the original project in the form data preparation scripts. Have a listen!


Combining generative technology with images is insanely cool and I had a lot of fun playing with it. In this project, I used an AI to change the genders of people in photographs. It's something that you should definitely have a look at!